How to choose your size

Step 1: Measure yourself

Take your measurements using a measuring tape

-Chest: Measure the bust around the tip of the breasts.

-Waist: Measure in the hollow of the waist *. Do not measure at the navel.

-Hips: Measure at the hottest point of the hips

* The size measurement of each model is taken in the hollow of the waist.

Step 2: Choose the desired confort

Determine if you want to wear your clothes very tight, fitted or semi-loose. Without exceptions, all our models are extensible, so it is normal, if you like to wear your garment close to the body, that the measurements of it are smaller than your measurements.

-For a tight fitting garment, choose a garment whose measurements are 3 to 5 inches smaller than your measurements.

-For a fitted, semi-fitted garment, choose a garment that measures the same or about 1.75 inches smaller than your measurements.

-For a semi-loose garment, go with a garment that is 1 to 1.75 inches larger than your measurements.
See the image below as an example

Step 3: Compare

You will find on the online store, the measures of the clothes. These measurements are visible in the Description or Features tab under each photo of the product sheets **.

Compare your measurements to the measurements of clothing, based on how you want to wear your clothes, chosen in Step 2.

You can also compare the measurements of one of your clothes to the measurements of the clothes on the online store. To do this, measure your clothing flat (multiply by 2 to give you the total circumference of the garment) and compare these measures with the clothe(s) you want to buy.

** The finished measurements of the clothes differ from one model to another, it is strongly advised to follow all the steps (1 to 3) for each model that you wish to obtain

*** You will find the mention "not stretch" in the description of the product if the garment does not stretch