Reward points

Create your account on our online store and earn reward points when you buy online *

Reward points give you dollar discounts on your next purchases **. To take advantage of your reward points, during the transaction, simply click on the link allowing you to apply your reward points ***. Note that when you use your reward points during a purchase, it is not possible to accumulate points on this purchase.


Here's an example of how much your discount will be if you have accumulated 56 rewards points from your previous purchases.

Check the price of the clothe you want to buy. If it can be bought with reward points, you will find, under the price of the clothes, the value of it in reward point.

If the item is worth $ 56.53 and the reward point price is 1110pts, your discount will be: (56pts X  56.53$) /1110pts=2.85$ discount on your purchase.

* Selected models only

** Reward points are applicable on some models only.

*** The reward point value and reward of each model may change without notice. Non-exchangeable, non-monneyable.